Take A Shot Consulting & Coaching Services

You do not have to tackle it all by yourself… Release “Yourself” to LIVE “Your” DREAMS!!!

I have a BFA in Musical Theatre & Acting and a MBA in Business & Health Services Administration with over 25 years of Acting, Stage, Film, TV, Print, Runway and Business Operations & Clinical and Administrative Healthcare experience. I have a passion for helping others reach their true potential while remaining true to themselves and their own dreams & goals. 


Financial Consultation Services

Finances is not a one size fits all situation. Because of that, I wanted to be able to assist anyone no matter what their financial situation, income level or stage of life. So, I partnered up with over 100 different financial service providers to be able to provide this Amazing Service to anyone who wants to benefit from financial literacy when it comes to wealth accumulation, preservation and protection for themselves, their children, grandchildren (starting as early as 16 days old) and/or their business. ASK ME HOW!

Learn the same strategies the wealthy have been using for years to stay wealthy and create a legacy of wealth throughout generations!!!

~ Education & Literacy 

~ Saving & Budgeting

~ Future Planning & Protection

~ Tax-Free Investment Savings 

~ Wealth Building, Preservation & Protection

~ Legacy Building

~ Long Term Care

~ College & Child Headstart Plans

~ Will Prep & Estate Planning

~ Career Transition & Retirement 

~ Walk-Away Strategies

~ Funeral & Final Expenses

~ Small Business Protection Strategies & Insurance

~ 401K Rollover & More

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If you would like to learn more about our services and how we are helping families protect themselves financially or want to schedule a free financial conversation OR get a free financial analysis to see your financial outlook, please leave me a voicemail @ 919.348.9102, text me @ 919.579.8065 and I will reach back out to schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you whether you need morning, afternoon, evening or a weekend appointment or you can get on my calendar with the link above.


Empowerment Coaching 

Helping women navigate life more confidently so that they can live their ideal lives. I enjoy helping women find the confidence to thrive in their careers & in life. Let’s talk about what that is for you and how I can help you.

>> Private 1:1 Coaching
>> Group Coaching
>> LIVE Workshops



Performing Arts Coaching

Elevate your Confidence & Performance. Speech Presentations, Improv, Cold Reads, Script Analysis, Character Development, Scene Study & Breakdowns, Self Record Auditions, Audition Techniques & Style, and Professional Guidance.

Want 1:1 Private Coaching in Acting, Modeling to help build your self confidence when performing on stage in front of others. Preparing for an audition and need coaching to break down your character and scene or need help with your posture, walk, stance, turns and posing for an upcoming show or photoshoot. Let’s talk about how I can get you to the place you want to be.

>> Private 1:1 Coaching
>> LIVE Workshops



Phone A Friendly Voice (Empathetic Listener/Talk Therapy) 

GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST!!! You do not have to hold it all in and let it start to eat you up from the inside out. At times we need to get things off our chest or work through things without feeling judged by family and friends. Knowing they do not forget, let go of the things shared and move on makes it hard to talk when you need that ear or shoulder. I am here for you when you need to talk to someone and want another point of view.





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Empowerment Coaching Prices vary based on Program chosen.

1:1 Private Coaching via Phone, Google Meet or Zoom

*Options for PAYMENT available through ZELLE, Venmo or PayPal. Appointment Confirmation once payment is received and cleared using the email address below.* 


REFUNDS POLICY:  No Refunds once session has been completed or when appointment is cancelled outside of the 24-hour cancellation window.