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I spent most of my life working in various roles of operations management, healthcare, and corporate training. I enjoyed helping people, learning new things, and growing the skills that have molded me into the businesswoman I am today. I was able to learn many different aspects of business from a lot of great people who showed me how to figure things out when there weren’t any guidelines to follow. I had to do the research, follow my instincts, and trust my expertise on whatever assignment I was delegated to do. The assignments and projects that were appointed to me over the years, helped me move up in the companies I worked for and train others to become great leaders. 

Things really changed for me, and I had to refocus my life when one of my children was diagnosed with a disorder that needed me to be home more or at least close by for emergencies. I was no longer able to work the 50-60 hours a week that I was used to working as a single mom of two. This was the turning point in my life when I knew I had to figure out a new path for myself and my family that allowed me to work, take care of them and, stay above water on my own. That fact alone was really scary for me giving up my job, my livelihood and what I thought was my only safety net. Now, was the time I had to set a plan into action that would make sense for my family. 

Friends, relatives, and coworkers have come to me over the years when they needed assistance with building their dream or when they were trying to figure out how to “ride the waves of success” without anything falling behind and I was glad to help. So, I decided to take the skills that I have and utilize them to help others while learning as many new skills as possible to add to my list of things to assist my client’s with when asked. 

Even with all my corporate experience, as a first-time entrepreneur, I realized I was learning a lot more about business by helping others. I never would have thought using my skills in customer service, order fulfillment, inventory management, credit card processing, point of sale, operations management, search engine optimization, distribution, graphics, shipping, marketing, cash flow, healthcare administration, and so many others would set me on a path to entrepreneurship as a virtual assistant, business consultant and financial professional.

Knowing that I can bring joy, structure and flexibility to solo professionals and small business owner’s lives and help their business run smoother, provided me the opportunity to launch and run a small business of my own. After two years, Impulse Resolutions, LLC has fully launched as a Full Service Consulting Firm providing — Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing, Financial Consultation & Coaching Services. Helping solo-professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners manage the back-end administrative, creative, technical, and digital marketing needs for their business is “My Pleasure”. My services also helps businesses, individuals and families save money, preserve money, protect money, and make more money, more efficiently with less stress and helps give them back more time to do things for themselves and be there for their family. I Am Always Happy To Help!


Are you ready to “Ride the Waves of Success”… 


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