One Hour Training or Services



Need 1 hour to Talk or Get Assistance with a Task?


     I am happy to help with a Detailed walk-through/training on anything that you may be struggling with or have questions about.

You can schedule a 1-hour Walk-through Training with me or get 1-hour of Virtual Assistant Service for $90.

I am here to help!



Debit Card ~ $90

Need me to Talk You Through it... 1-hour of Virtual Assistant Service for a Detailed walk-through/training @ $90.

Price: $90.00
1-hour of Virtual Assistant Service or a Detailed walk-through/training @ $90.
1-hour of Virtual Assistance or a Detailed walk-through/training. Debit Cards & Time Purchased are Non-Refundable. No contracts or monthly minimum required. Expiration Date: 6 months from the Date of Purchase